Narrowing Search Results

After conducting a search in CalSNAP, you can narrow your results using the facets in the “Narrow Search” section on the right side of the screen. Below is a description of what you will find.

  • Facets include the following headings: Resource Type, Audience Level, Language, Vendor, Copyright Year, Subject, Running Time, or Producer.
  • The list that appears under each facet is based on the search results. For example, the resource types that display reflect the types of resources that return in your search results.
  • The number in parentheses next to each list item indicate how many of those items appear in your search results.
  • Some results may not be counted in a section. For example, some vendors do not tag their content with an audience level, and certain resource types are not tagged with audience levels (mainly images).
  • More options may be available than what displays under each heading. In these cases you will see [+] View More at the bottom of the list.

To narrow your results:

  1. Navigate to the facet that you want to narrow. See Facet Descriptions (below) for more information.
  2. Look through the list. Click the [+] View More link if applicable.
  3. Click on the blue text to apply the filter.
  4. Applied filters will appear at the top of “Narrow Search” menu.
    • To remove a filter, click the red minus sign that appears to the left of the filter.
    • To remove all filters, click the red minus sign that appears to the left of “All Filters”

Facet Descriptions

  • Resource Type – Identifies media/type of resource. Types include: video, image, articles, websites, activities, lessons, and more.
  • Audience Level – Arranged by grade level ranges. (Preschool/Kindergarten, Primary, Intermediate, Junior High, Senior High, and College/Adult)
  • Language – Indicates the main language of the text or audio narration.
  • Vendor – Lists the website where the resource is located.
  • Copyright Year
  • Subject: The list displayed compiles the various subjects from vendor-defined subject tags.
  • Series – List of series titles as identified from different vendors. Not all content is grouped into series, and not all vendors provide series information.
  • Running Time: Length of video or audio content.
  • Lexile – Provided for some text based vendors. Below is a lexile grade range:
    • Grade 1: 165-565
    • Grade 2: 425-790
    • Grade 3: 645-980
    • Grade 4: 850-1155
    • Grade 5: 950-1255
    • Grade 6: 1030-1335
    • Grade 7: 1095-1405
    • Grade 8: 1155-1465
    • Grade 9: 1205-1515
    • Grade 10: 1250-1605
    • Grade 11/12: 1295-1605
  • Producer – Company or individual given credit for creating the asset.