Digital History

Sometimes in our planning we remember that something we saw before would fit well with the lesson that we are now developing. However, we may not always remember what it was called or even where it came from. Fortunately, CalSNAP keeps track of the items that you have clicked on in My Digital History. You can use this to locate these resources that you found in the past but need today.

To use My Digital History.

  1. From the My Account menu, select, My Digital History

  2. A list of resources that you have clicked on over the past week will automatically display in the table.
  3. Enter the start and end date for the period that you want to view. Then click the Refresh button to update the table.

  4. A list of the resources that you clicked on will display with the most recently viewed first.

    The following information is included:
    • Date – Date and time that you viewed the item
    • Vendor – Website of the resources
    • Resource – Title or name of the resource
    • Producer – Company or individual given credit for creating the asset
    • Copyright
    • Media Type – Identifies media/type of resource. Types include: video, image, articles, websites, activities, lessons, and more
    • Audience Level – Grade level span as identified by the vendor/producer
    • Length – Runtime for video and audio
    • Search Terms – Term that you entered in searching for this resource.
  5. Sort the list by clicking the column headings. Each time you click a column heading the sort order switches between ascending and descending.
  6. Double-click any cell to filter the list for only that value. For example, double-clicking a cell in the producer column with “PBS” will filter the list to display only resources produced by PBS. 
  7. Click the Refresh button to remove the filter and display all items for the selected date range.
  8. To access the resource, click the Play button in the “Play It Again” column.
  9. To view the list as search results, click the “View as Catalog Entries” button at the bottom of the page.

    This will display the results with their description and all other information that you would see in your basic search results. You can use the Narrow Search column on the right side of the page to filter your list.